March 8, 2020

Bow Valley Christian Church

When I agreed to come to Bow Valley in September of 2013 and be employed as executive pastor, the calling I felt was stronger than any I had felt for any other role or position in my life. I sensed that I had been called to help with transitions at this church, this congregation that I love so much. I won’t go into the details, but for the next five years, there were many transitions.

When Rick Scruggs resigned in 2016, I saw my role as one of transition through to the hiring of a new lead pastor and a little beyond to help that leader get settled. I now believe that work to be done. Steve and I have worked well together in our nearly three years of overlap and I have appreciated his comradery and I whole-heartedly believe that God has blessed BVCC with a great communicator and leader. I will always continue to pray for his ministry here at Bow Valley.

As Steve and I have talked about what he needs on his team and as I dream about who God has made me, I have begun to get excited about things I might be equipped to do beyond Bow Valley Christian Church. I do not have a next plan, but I trust in the God of “next steps.”

Having said all of this, I feel called to resign from employment with BVCC. Thank you to the elders for nearly seven great years of employment, ministry, and growth. Thank you to both Steve and the elders for trusting me with many decisions and directions. Thank you to a wonderful staff that welcomed me as a friend and colleague. Thank you to this congregation that has been so warm toward Maureen and me. Jesus will continue to lead this congregation and I believe that the best years of Bow Valley are still ahead. I do not yet know what tomorrow brings but I will trust in the one who holds our future.

Keith Shields