Hello BVCC Family,

Would you take this opportunity to show your appreciation to Pastor Keith and Maureen for their wonderful friendship, for their heart of service and for their expressions of love to our Lord and to all of their church family.

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  1. Wayne and Louise Cutforth

    We have both enjoyed working and worshipping with Keith and Maureen. What a lovely group of grandchildren their girls have provided for them. I still can’t believe that diligent young lady I taught in grade three could be a grandma!!!
    We wish the best for you,Keith, in future ministries and look forward to reading your recent book when it is published.

    Love and blessings

  2. Ty Ragan

    Thank you Keith for your service, and welcome. Our paths have intersected many times over the years, from discussions at ABC over the bible and the flow of the story, to the welcome and check-ins with my son, Leland as my family has been attending (before Covid-19), this morning while watching service, and hearing you were going, Leland stated, “Miss my buddy.” Whether you know it or not you have made an impact and it will be amazing to see where God guides you next.

  3. Rebecca McMillan

    Dear Keith and Maureen,

    I want to thank you both for the acceptance and grace you’ve shown us when we arrived to BVCC until now.

    Keith, you were just who Steve needed in his first steps here at BVCC. You blessed him with your support, positivity, and have him your trust, even before he earned it. The things I feared when we arrived never occurred and you were the best surprise and blessing because you were such a good partner and team player with him. That is HUGE and made all the difference. Moving ahead without you is unsettling but I will choose to trust you know what God’s voice has called you toward. I will always be thankful for you.

    Maureen, you’re a dear and kindhearted friend, whom I regret not spending more time with. Your heart is genuine, aware, trusting, and you’ve been such a light at BVCC. Moving ahead without you feels empty too. I will pray for you both as you adjust to a new season of whatever God brings you to.

  4. Joanne Carter

    Keith and Maureen I will miss you both very much, you always have been so welcoming and friendly. May God be with you where ever you are. Hope to see you both at BVCC in the future.

  5. Jean Ramsay

    Thank you Keith for your years of service to Bow Valley.
    Thank you Keith and Maureen for your friendship. I think fondly of our trip to Kings Fold, and the time we shared as you drove us there, Maureen.
    May God richly bless you both as you begin a new journey with Him. I will miss you.

  6. Heather Adrienne Tomlinson

    Hello Keith & Maureen,

    Just wanted to wish you well as you embark on your next assignment from our Lord! I am excited for all that He has in store for you, as you follow His prompting and leading. I know that this will be bittersweet as you leave BVCC and venture into uncharted waters, but I also know that God has gone ahead of you and prepared the way, and he is making the way for whatever He has planned for your next steps. I have every confidence that He will provide what you need, and He will also place you exactly where He can use you best.

    I know that your legacy at Bow Valley goes much farther back than the last 7 years that Keith has served as our Executive Pastor. I recall your leadership of the World Outreach team, Keith, and how both of you stepped out in faith to lead a house church here many years ago. I also remember how you hosted a house church in Vancouver as well, before returning to BVCC.

    I recall how both of you were in music ministry, and the many great musical memories we shared under Steve Dorey’s leadership. I also have wonderful memories of when we were involved with the pilot of the Saturday evening 6:49 service at BVCC, and how your family was one of the regulars for that community.

    It is wonderful to look back and think about how God has used each of your unique giftings to bless Bow Valley’s church family. Sister Richardson, I will always remember fondly our many foyer chats and laughs, along with your sage advice and wonderful Christian example.

    You both have served well, and been faithful in your calling. Your departure will be felt very strongly, and yet, it’s good to know that you will always be part of the BVCC family, no matter where you happen to be geographically or vocationally.

    May the Lord give you an extra measure of His peace, wisdom, and confirmation as you transition into your next roles. I leave you with that oft-quoted, but so relevant Scripture. Aaron’s blessing:
    May the Lord bless you and keep you, Keith and Maureen
    The Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you,
    The Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace…

    You go with our prayers and our gratitude!

    Blessings on you and your family always,

    -Heather T. (“Sister Richardson”!)

  7. Anna Roldan

    I praise God for your life Pastor Keith. I have seen and heard your love and service for the Lord Jesus. I pray that as you heed the call of the Master you will expand your territory of your Ministry. Surely, we will miss you in church but who are we not to heed the Master’s call. God bless you always and Maureen.

  8. Peter Lottes

    I have greatly appreciated Keith and Maureen. From the time I first came to the church, they were some of the friendliest people I met.
    I have appreciated Keith showing an interest in what is happening in my life, making an effort to talk to me regularly at the church, and praying for me. I have enjoyed staying in shape with him on a number of hikes. His godly character is evident.

  9. Lynelle Steiner

    Keith, We have enjoyed getting to know you over the past few years. Your sermons have encouraged and challenged us, and we appreciate your quiet leadership and wisdom. Your support and home visits have been a huge blessing in our lives, and we are so thankful for your compassion and heart for Jesus! May God richly bless you and Maureen as you journey forward.
    Lynelle and Adrian

  10. Sandra Osborne

    Keith and Maureen–Thank you for being who you are and sharing your love for God and his church with us. We are blessed. I admire your hearts for church planting and your desire to see others come to know Jesus. Your connections to Bow Valley are long and deep–you have led and loved well, taken great initiative, and served faithfully. I look forward to how God will use you both as you step away from Bow Valley. Your presence in the Bow Valley church family will be greatly missed. I’m thankful our friendship will continue.

  11. Genci and Chelsea Jani

    Keith and Maureen,

    You were a piece of the puzzle that made our transition to BVCC 6 years ago so seamless. You both are kind and always eager to listen intently to what is happening in our lives. All the best on your new adventures in life.

  12. Keith Shields

    Maureen and I have been overwhelmed by the show of support from the Bow Valley Christian Church community. Thank you! As we depart and ready ourselves for our next Kingdom of God assignment, so many people have blessed us with notes of encouragement, best wishes for the future, songs, poems, pictures, a three-minute-musical, car-alarms going off at 5:00 am, balloons on the lawn, a drive-by appreciation, heart-felt letters, and prayers. We love Bow Valley Christian Church, and by that we mean that we love the people who have been, are, and will be the Body of Christ that meets together as BVCC. All of us stand on the shoulders of so many great members, worshippers, pray-ers, leaders, pastors, elders, servants, and followers of Jesus. There were nearly 90 years of history that came before many of us and there will be many more years ahead. We have been blessed to add a footnote to the story of the Kingdom of God in this locale. We will continue to pray for and do all we can to bless, encourage, talk-up, promote, and challenge the work of God in this place. We believe that the best days of Bow Valley Christian Church are yet ahead and that BVCC is well-placed with exemplary leaders, and a truly gifted Lead Pastor. Please join us in praying for the leadership of Pastor Steve McMillan, his family, and the elders of BVCC, including Brad Anderson, Linda Anderson, Stan Helton, Jide Obadofin, Sandra Osborne, and Dave Rehn.

    To our wonderful community group, we say thank-you. Continue to live out your faith together, continue to create a place of belonging, continue to help others, spread the hidden mustard seed of this group throughout the church and throughout the city, there is no stopping now.

    To the entire congregation we say, may you continue to Help others, Help others find Jesus, and Help others find and follow Jesus.

  13. Dustin and Karla Pearson

    Thank you Keith and Maureen! You two will be missed. You have been a special part of our family, from taking care of Kaeden when Macklin was on the way, to praying for our family as we waited for uncertain news. You both have mentored us, been an example for us and even a way of sharing our faith with others (Keith’s work during his years in the genetics lab has a special connection for us). We know our relationship will not stop, but you two will be missed from our weekly gatherings. We are excited for where you will go, as we know you will impact those people with the gifts God has given you with the same love and enthusiasm as you have here at bow valley.

  14. Dave & Deanna Pearce

    We really appreciate how much you both gave of yourselves during Keith’s time of leadership at Bow Valley; we can’t think of an event where we didn’t see you there! Keith, you led during a time of great instability at Bow Valley. That couldn’t have been easy at all. We appreciate both you and Maureen for your steadfastness and faithfulness. I (Deanna) can not remember a time where I did not know you both. Music, ministry, my babysitting your girls — that’s a lot of shared life. We will miss seeing your smiles around Bow Valley. May God richly bless and lead you in where you head next. And thank you, Keith, for giving us a chance at taking on the music ministry after Tim left, before Pete came on. It was a steep learning curve but a blessing and a good time of growth for us. We appreciate it. We will be keeping you and your family in our prayers! Thank you.

  15. Doug & Deb Moore

    So much ministry has gone on in your lives and how the time has flown by. Our reflections include the first days when we met both of you back in Alberta Bible College in the late 70’s (memories of Keith’s long, lanky body fully extended through the college library window is forever imprinted on my mind. Hilarious!) Of course, in your time spent at Cambrian Heights, with church plants, and now the last 7 years at Bow Valley, so much has happened and God has truly blessed indeed. Your commitment to Christ and His church is to be commended as both of you have invested your shared lives in ministry. Keith, Bow Valley has benefitted from your contribution to full-time ministry in so many ways. Your experience and passion for Christ and His people have not gone unnoticed. Maureen, your partnership in ministry, your positive and generous spirit, along with your cheerful laugh has also been much appreciated. Keith & Maureen, you will be missed indeed! May the Lord richly bless and guide you in the days ahead. Love, Doug & Deb

  16. Ann Lidgren

    Thank you Keith and Maureen for your faithful and inspiring service to Bow Valley. I have been encouraged so many times by your words and your actions to serve our community. It doesn’t matter how early I have arrived to arrange for baptisms or in earlier days to prepare for Sunday School, Keith is always there making sure everything is prepared for Sunday morning. I pray that you will have good adventures awaiting you and that there will be opportunities to keep in contact.
    If this works I am attaching a rather old photo I found when sorting papers today. It gave me a smile and I hope it will give one to you too.

  17. Brent and Ann Williams

    I can’t even remember when I first met either of you, it just seems like you have always been there, although we have never lived nearby for any length of time. Ann and I are very glad that you moved to BVCC while we were here as we have come to know you in a different way. Keith, we appreciate the leadership that you have given to many areas of our church life, but it has probably been with the Development team that I have come to see these skills close up. Maureen, your sincere interest in each individual person has made many newcomers feel like this is a place where they can belong. Also we love your great humour at games nights! We look forward to how God will lead you into this next chapter of your life. We wish his richest blessings on you.

  18. Maureen Johnstone

    Thank you Keith and Maureen for your friendship and care for us over the many years that we as a family have known you. Thank you Keith for all your visits and prayers with Conrad over the years when he was so ill in the hospital and for your willingness to be a contact person when I was in Nova Scotia. I have enjoyed your messages, singing and your wisdom. Maureen thank you for your cheerful greetings on Sunday mornings as we entered the building for worship. I will miss you both. May God continue to bless you in your new adventure of service to Him. Hugs!

  19. Paul & Sue da Silva

    Dear Keith and Maureen,
    Thank you for being apart of the Bow Valley family and your service and commitment these past 7 years. May God bless you and your entire family in whatever you do next.
    Paul & Sue

  20. Buz and Wendy Burnside

    To Keith, thank you so much for all you have done for all of us at BVCC. Your positive and cheerful attitude in all that you do has been an inspiration to us both. We have enjoyed and learned so much from your sermons. You truly have a gift from God and we appreciate that you have shared it with us. Your leadership on the development team has been a blessing. Just the right amount of enthusiasm and organization to make things go forward.

    To Maureen, we wish we had gotten to know you better and hope we still can. Your smiles and greetings have made us feel very welcome.

    We wish you both all of the blessings you deserve. You have been great examples of followers of Jesus!

  21. MaryAnn Wiebe

    Dear Keith & Maureen,
    What to say? I have so appreciated your ministry to Bow Valley and will miss you both so very much. I’ve appreciated your reflective, thoughtful sermons, Keith, with the occasional nod to liturgy. I’ve appreciated your guidance and practical approach to ministry. I’ve appreciate the quick smile and cheerful hello.

    I know that God will continue to use you in His service and pray for His direction in your life.

    I hope that our paths will cross again and until we meet again may the Lord bless you and keep you and may His face shine upon you and give you peace.

  22. Wil and Mary Borromeo

    Thank you Pastor Keith for the sermons we heard through you. We started to attend the BVCC in September 2017, and we have come to appreciate how you led the people to knowing Christ more deeply. We are one couple who are part also of the BVCC Filipino Community, and we are so glad that we have become a member of this vibrant community of believers. Again thank you for leading us in our faith walk. We pray that you and Maureen will continue to lead many more people in knowing Christ…Wil and Mary Borromeo.

  23. Kristin Briard

    Hi Keith and Maureen,

    You will be missed by many at BVCC, as evidenced by these comments. I feel very blessed to have met you. You both made me feel very welcome at BVCC when I first started attending, and still do 🙂 You’re always quick with a smile and conversation, and a genuine heart for people. Thank you for your service at BVCC, and for being such great examples of what it means to love people. I wish you all the best in your next adventure and pray for God’s clear guidance and direction. And I hope we’ll see you back at BVCC in the not too distant future, even if it’s just for a visit.

  24. Mavis and Bob Wiebe

    Keith and Maureen, We have known you for years and have always experienced encouragement from you. Keith, we have appreciated your steadfastness and approachability. You stretched yourself in many ways over the years because of your willingness to take on new ministries and explore, or work in, your areas of passion. Maureen, your sincerity and willingness to share life and humour with others always brings a sense of sweetness to relationship. We are glad to have observed you in action as a couple and as ministers.

  25. Gerry Erickson

    Hi Keith and Maureen,
    Thank you both for your valuable friendship over the years. You truly have blessed Leanne and I in countless ways. Keith – it has been an honor and a great pleasure working with you on various tasks and committees. You are a person gifted in many areas and have found ways to use those gifts so effectively for the church. I will certainly miss working with you, and I’m sure you will be greatly missed by many others as well, especially as we enter these uncertain post-virus times.
    Thank you and God bless all your future endeavors.

    • Keith Shields

      Gerry, I have learned so much from your leadership. Thanks for your encouragement.

  26. Leanne Erickson

    To Keith and Maureen
    Gerry and I first met you during Cambrian Heights days, little did I realise how much your friendship and spirituality would impact our lives. I would describe both of you as being solid in your faith, along with a beautiful way of imparting that to others. Your interest in creatively worshipping is one of your many strong suits. That is shown in the diversity of ministries you have led throughout the years. Embedding yourself in the community outside of the church has always amazed me: How many elevator visits did you have in Vancouver? How many chats with neighbours can you fit in while walking to Made By Marcus ice cream shop? How many McDonald’s lunches did you purchase for people in need on the streets of Vancouver? Even though your official ministry title is completed at BVCC, your ministry to all of us lives on through your mentorship, friendship and prayers. Thanks for your service, guidance, dedication and devotion to us at BVCC and to the community. You are truly a gifted couple.
    Thankyou and God Bless,
    Leanne Erickson

    • Keith Shields

      Leanne, How good it was to meet the two of you all of those years ago.

  27. Jim and Linda Anderson

    Keith, know that you are appreciated and loved. We appreciate your truth-filled messages and how you connect with friends and strangers. We love your country-boy-heart. You married a truly winsome woman in Maureen. May the Lord continue to guide you and guard you as you seek a new adventure in His service.

    • Keith Allan Shields

      Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, thanks for recognizing what a great woman I have in life.

      • Chris & Janelle Fong

        Thanks Keith and Maureen for not only your Godly examples of serving at BVCC over the years, but also for your example to us as Christian parents. We have cherished knowing you and watching you raise your kids and grandkids as Christian role models. Your leadership and participation at BVCC in so many capacities is nothing short of amazing. You are a great couple. May God bless you in your next ministry journey.

  28. Alisha Church

    We are truly sad to see you go, but we know the Lord calls. Thank you for you many great sermons and all the care you have shown to BVCC family, especially through many transitions! May the Lord bless you guys wherever He’s calling you to!
    I think we will miss you most especially next stampede😉

    • Keith Shields

      Derek and Alisha, We have been so blessed to know you and your family. Derek, we have been in a band of brothers together and have been forever changed by that time. Thanks.


    • Harry and Denise Helwerda

      It is with a heavy heart that we bid you farewell from Bow Valley but am encouraged to know that God has great plans for you and Maureen. Will miss your singing during worship team rehearsals. A big thank you for guiding our church forward and giving it stability after the sudden departure of Pastor Rick. Keith and Maureen take care and visit us whenever you can.

  29. Bernic e Heppner

    Wow, where to begin?
    It is with a heavy heart I write this farewell
    I cannot begin to tell you how much your ministry has meant to me. Walking with me in my return to the Lord and my return to the church, being there for Cec and all his questions. Then, of course there for me and Cec’s family during his last few days with us and the beautiful service after. THANK YOU. Also Maureen for your friendship during all this time.
    Please let me know where you are going and what your future ministry will be.
    You both will always hold a special place in my heart.

    • Keith Shields

      Yes, Bernice, how to begin. We are so blessed to know you and to have a chance to walk with you in the good times and the challenging times. We will continue to pray for you.

      • Bernice Heppner

        Thank you. Please let me know via text where you are going.

  30. Ron and Bev Nelson

    Keith, Bev and I appreciate the time you spent working with the leadership team at Bow Waters Community Church. Your insights both in our homes and at the church retreat at Salem Acres was very valuable. Also gave us opportunity to know you better.

    We have appreciated getting to know you Maureen and your passion to see others come to know and follow Jesus.

    You folks have made us feel so welcome at BVCC.

    You folks played a major role in Patricia’s life as she began a new journey in her life. Thank You

    Your teaching has been tremendous and helped, along with reading your book.

    Thank you
    Ron and Bev

    • Keith Shields

      What a journey we have been on together. Thanks for serving here at BVCC.

    • Jody & Jeff Barrett

      Thank you for the dedication that you and Maureen have shown here at Bow Valley. I especially want to thank you Keith as you ministered to Barb Whitney. I know she appreciated the visits.

  31. Lorraine Williams

    I always enjoyed your sermons Pastor Keith ! I loved the scientific touch you gave to each one.
    Thank-you very much for all your hard work and your prayers !!

  32. Rick and Judy Dickieson

    We have been blessed to know Kieth and Maureen for over 50 years. A more solid Christian man you will likely not find. Not only have both Kieth and Maureen been good friends to us but have even given us older folk, a wonderful example of what a Christian marriage and life should be like. We love you both dearly and ask God’s blessing to be upon you as you continue in the work of our blessed leader and lover, Jesus.

    • Keith Shields

      Thanks Rick and Judy. You have been a huge encouragement to us.

  33. gail gonyea

    Hi Keith and Maureen, It has been so good seeing you each sunday and gettingvto know you better. Love your sermons Keith!!

    • Keith Shields

      Thanks Gail,

      We have loved being in community with you. Thanks for the encouragement.

  34. Mark Blake

    Love the trip down memory lane with the great photos. Maureen was probably the first person I met when I began attending Bow Valley and Keith was probably a close second!! I am blessed and privileged to count them as friends!!


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