Our Elders

The spiritual shepherds of BVCC

Jide Obadofin

Stan Helton

Brad Anderson

Dave Rehn

Linda Anderson

Bow Valley Christian Church is an elder-governed community. Elders (our spiritual shepherding team) are designated as key leaders of the church in the New Testament (Acts 14:23; Acts 20:17, 27-37; Titus 1:5; I Timothy 5:17; I Peter 5:1-4). The elders are called to be examples of the values of this community and examples to all of the Christian faith. The qualities are clearly laid out in scripture (I Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9).

The Bible does not give us much direction on the process of elder selection so at Bow Valley we have developed the following process. Anyone may be an elder who meets the qualities and desires the work. The selection process can happen anytime during the year. The lead pastor is considered a non-voting elder of the church. The lead pastor may vote as a congregational member and is involved in the discussion process of elders’ meetings but does not have a vote in elders’ meetings.

We do not set a number of spots to fill. Elders are selected on the basis of biblical qualities and that determines the number. We look for members who are already ministering, shepherding, and teaching in this community of faith. We ask the individual if they have a desire to be an elder (I Timothy 3:1). Upon their willingness to undertake this position of servanthood and leadership an investigation process will occur. This process involves a questionnaire and an interview. Following this they are presented to the congregation for discernment. The process culminates in an ordination to the work of an elder.