BVCC Youth


Fall is here, and that means Youth Group.

Our first get together is this Friday, 7:00 PM at the church building. We will have COVID protocols in place. It is very important to take note of where you will be entering the building:

Grade 9-12 Girls: Main Entrance East Doors
Grade 9-12
Boys: Youth Room Doors (NW corner of the building)
Grade 7-8
Boys/Girls: Gym Doors

Youth will need to sanitize their hands when entering the building and please wear a mask. Parents, we would love to visit with you, and we will plan to do so in the future, please do not enter the building with your child. There will be leaders outside to greet them.

This week will be about getting together, catching up after a very different summer, and getting to know your leaders. We will start our first small group series next week. We are still trying to work out how we can do some sort of “big event.”

Pick up is from the same entrances, 9:00 PM. We will send everyone out, please do not come into the building.

If you have questions email us: