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Hello BVCC Family,

We would like to express our appreciation to Sarah Praught for her tireless care and kindness. She has shown a wonderful heart of service and a heart for God thru her preparation and organization of our children’s ministry.

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  1. Inga Richardson

    What do you say to the person who took over your position and does a much better job than you but … Great Job!!! : ) Truly Sarah, I know Lisa and Cheryl have been so blessed to have someone like you to work alongside. You will be missed by many for the many things you have done and do…

  2. Ann Lidgren

    I want to thank you for the time and energy and commitment you have made to the Children’s Ministry of BVCC. In the years that I was teaching you were always there when I arrived and in spite of many last minute changes to staffing or materials needed you remained calm and stepped in to make the situation better. You helped me countless times and always gave a sense of enthusiasm to your work. I am grateful that I had the chance to be in Children’s Ministry and to gain so much from you. I pray that the future will hold good things for you and your family.

  3. Gary Lepine

    Thanks Sarah!

  4. ANN Edwards

    Sarah, it was such a privilege to get to know you and no doubt you will always be reminded of this friendship (as brief as it was ) when you cuddle in your quilt! Best wishes for your future Sincerely Jim and Ann

  5. Donna Heitman

    Dear Sarah,
    I’m going to miss your smiley face at the office. I’ve so enjoyed working alongside you these past seven years and getting to know your heart. You have a willingness to jump in where needed and served the families here at Bow Valley with faith and dedication. You will be greatly missed.

  6. Linda Anderson

    Our families have been blessed by you in so many ways. Your kind words, your ready smile, your attention to the details, your attention to hearts and feelings. You represent Him well. Thank you.

  7. Joe Murphy

    Sarah thank you for your great contribution to BVCC in general and our children’s ministry in particular. You have a great heart and faith that will serve you well! May God bless you and your family.

  8. Janelle Fong

    My sweet Sarah,
    You have been the heart and soul of the kids ministry at Bow Valley these last 7 years!
    You have such a beautiful heart and your love and kindness to each child in kids connect has had a lasting impact on them.
    Thank you for blessing my kids and for being a godly example for me to learn from.
    You are a treasure and I know that wherever you share your heart you will be a blessing to everyone around you.
    Thank you for everything!

  9. Lyn Wood

    Sarah, PLCC has enjoyed your efforts in promoting our summer camp program. Who can forget the “Campfire” in the gym? We continue to enjoy the Kayaks that you were instrumental in fundraising for. We’ll miss you but hope to see you at camp when we get back to doing camp!

  10. Maureen Johnstone

    Dear Sarah, Thank you for your loving, caring , compassionate ministry to the children and staff. I appreciated our talks and sharing times together. You love the Lord and the children learned so much from you just by knowing you cared about them. God bless you in your new adventures with Him.

  11. Howard Bowles


    It has been a pleasure working with you in Kids Connect the last few years and your presence will surly be missed

    Thank you for all you have done

  12. Sam Brown

    It has been more than a pleasure to see your lovely face greeting us on Sunday mornings. Not only have our kids been absolutely blessed, us parents have been privileged to have you in our lives. You worked tirelessly to make kidsconnect seamless and fun. Your hard work did not go unnoticed, and there will be a huge missing piece At BVCC when we are able to return to normal. WE LOVE
    YOU!!! And thank you so much for your dedication to growing our children in the way they should go. Xoxo

  13. Candace Jones

    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication in the Children’s ministry Sarah!

  14. Brad Anderson

    Sarah, it was an honour to work with you in Family Ministries at Bow Valley. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the ministry at BVCC. May God bless you in your next steps.

  15. Judi Ringuette

    Thank you for using your gifts and then some for our kids! You are someone that is approachable, kind-hearted and so genuine. You will be missed dearly in KidsConnect and we pray many blessings to you and your family!

    • Alisha Church

      You have served the Lord so well in children’s ministry. Thank you for your heart for children and for being gentle when somone is having a hard time. (I have a very good memory of your gentleness with my more-sensitive child)
      You have shown Christ’s heart to families over and over again and we thank God for you! May He go before you and bless you immensely in the next season!!