BVCC 2020

Annual Report

Helping People Find and Follow Jesus.

Message from Lead Pastor, Steve McMillan

2020 AD. 2020 Anno Domini, translated the “The Year of Our Lord 2020.” We don’t often use the old phrase “in the year of our Lord” but it does seem appropriate, and maybe even necessary, when attempting to describe 2020. We have needed the reminder this past year that God owns time and has a plan for all of time!

On March 8, in the Year of our Lord 2020, our congregation spent the morning celebrating God’s faithfulness throughout 2019 and anticipating another year of doing life on mission together. We affirmed our membership to this congregation after the service, and that evening over 300 of us gathered in the gymnasium for our annual International Potluck. The diversity of food and clothing was wonderful. We sang songs together in various languages, and we celebrated being together as God’s people. I remember leading the closing prayer and asking our Father to give us unity and faithfulness in…

the year ahead. None of us knew at that moment that this meal would be the final time our congregation could be all together, seated that closely, without masks, for the next 12 months.

From that Sunday on, when we were not able to GO to church, we were able to BE the church through countless acts of love. Through the prayers, generosity and practical acts of kindness offered by our congregation, we have been able to SHINE the Good News of Jesus in a very dark time.

From that Sunday on we were forced to adapt methods of ministry. Zoom gatherings, social media, smartphone apps, online giving, video productions, Facebook prayer times and a host of other innovations have redefined what it means to fulfill our mission to help people find and follow Jesus. Our services and videos were viewed thousands of times by individuals, small groups and churches around the world. Because we have INVESTED our finances and creativity we have been able to make the Message of Jesus and His Kingdom available to many.

From that Sunday on we have been leaning into the fellowship of God’s people. Previously we had focused primarily on being GATHERED, but we quickly had to adjust to become the church CONNECTED. In scattering, we were given a greater understanding of how believers functioned throughout most of history. Home groups, Zoom Bible Studies, and a host of emails, texts, phone calls and even letters became important again. We re-discovered the power of BELONGING and the great gift of encouragement.

I am so grateful for our BVCC family!  You have adapted so well to new ways of expressing our faith, you have remained generous with financial giving and you have leaned on Jesus in prayer. Thank you for being the Church.

In the year of our Lord 2020, we joined together to unleash God’s love and help people find and follow Jesus.

Thanks be to God!

For the Kingdom,

Steve McMillan

The Numbers

It has been an interesting year adjusting to a new reality. BVCC has pivoted well with the use of technology and engaging people in creative ways.

In-person Attendance

Online Viewers

Greeting Team


Online Giving

In August 2020 we transitioned to a new database. This proved to be a blessing as we moved back to in-person services in September.  With Covid regulations, we used the Planning Centre for registrations
which gave us the information we would need for contact tracing if necessary. It also gives us a new directory and is used by community groups among other helpful functions, church calendars, planning
meetings, etc.





As challenging as 2020 was, it also offered us the opportunity to think outside the box. One of the things that came as a wonderful surprise was finding out that a number of people from the congregation decided to pull out their instruments and join in playing along to the worship songs from their homes while watching the online service!
If you are interested in receiving chord sheets for the upcoming Sunday services, feel free to email [email protected].



The Bow Valley Library is here to serve you. We have bible study aids, bible commentaries, marriage and family resources, child and youth fiction and non-fiction, as well as general Christian adult non-fiction. For your leisure time, we have a large selection of Christian fiction and many DVDs.  If your small group wants bible study resources we have leader kits to borrow and copies of workbooks to purchase. If you have any questions, please email or talk to Lisa Cutforth-Anderson on Sunday mornings.

Community Groups

Community is so important to us, which is why we support our community groups here at Bow Valley Christian Church. Finding people of a like mind and faith is so important in our day-to-day walk with Christ, and that is why we love our community groups. If you are not a part of a group yet, you are missing out! Find one you like and get involved today. If you have any questions, you can email Chris Cobbler.

We had our community groups finding creative ways to meet throughout the year.


Media Volunteers

Here is the number of people needed to create our summer online services. We would like to give a big, heartfelt shout out to all of our amazing tech team (sound, media, lights, cameras, switcher, video editing, and audio mixing) who tirelessly served throughout the year, as we explored and implemented new ways of filming and producing our online services! We could not have done this without you!



We went fully online with our Worship Service by March 29. By September we resumed in-person services and continue our on-online services.


Airdrie, AB — Online Attender

I want to share a good news story in challenging times. Gil and I have been without a home church for a couple of years now. We’ve visited a number of churches but haven’t found any to call home. When the lockdown happened and church went online we decided to tune into BVCC’s online services. You’ve done a great job of addressing the pandemic practically, with great quality online services. Thank you!


Luna Anne

France — Online Attender

Oh, I am so glad to be able to share your different services and events through this past year. Father Lord does wonderful things for each one and gives the food appropriate for each one. Blessings in Jesus’ Name.



Covid Cal Videos

While Covid caused a lot of headaches and adjustments that we had to make, we did find time to laugh! Click here to see them.

Donate to Missions

In 2020 we supported ten different missions around the world. We want to see the world changed. Help us expand our reach to those in need.



There has been a lot of progress this year, and we want to tell you all about it.

General Fund Income

General Fund Expenses

Missions Income

Missions Fund Expenses

Reserve Fund

What do you like about KidsConnect Wednesdays?

“I love the running games and talking with my friends”
Naomi, grade 5

“We get to do fun things, and see Jesse” Jacob, grade 2

“I like videos and the games.”
Elijah, grade 2


“Seeing my friends, playing, the music and all the bigger people are really nice”
Hannah, age 5

“Learning about God and the videos” –
Georgia, age 5


When asked “Why are you a leader”, here are the responses:

“I serve in youth because of the growth and mentorship that I received from my leaders during my time in youth group. If it weren’t for their influence during that time, I would be nowhere near where I am in my faith today, and I want to be able to pass that on to the kids coming up through youth today”
Noah Parker, Junior High Leader


“I volunteer with KidsConnect to help kiddos come closer to God! I love working with them, and they are always a joy to see and hang out with. They really help bring light to the world!”
Briona Justine, Elementary KidsConnect leader


Harvey Gamble

Attending since 1983

We have 11 members in our Men’s group that has been running since 1995. We have witnessed many answers to prayer and watched men grow in their walk with God. We have a very diverse group that ranges in age from 23 to 72, coming from all parts of the globe. When there is a need we simply email each other and prayer starts. The guys in this group have stepped up many times to help a member through a tough time.


Meg McDonagh

Attending since 1996

I learn by listening to what others say. The discussions in our group have been particularly meaningful. As part of a group, you really get to connect with members of Bow Valley on a much deeper level and see the strength of others’ relationships with God. It’s very encouraging.


Christian Bom

Attending since 2019

Harvey and Paul took me under their wings and have helped me to grow. I honestly wouldn’t be here without their help. In our group, no one is pushing me or rushing me to understand everything. The guys are open-minded, relaxed and I’ve always been able to be myself, admitting when I may be struggling.


Contact Us

If you have any questions, click on the button below.

Ways to Give

Every dollar given to BVCC goes to support ministry to our church members, to our local community and to our partners around the world. We could not do this without you. Our leadership is overwhelmingly grateful for your financial partnership in the gospel. We look expectantly to the next year of ministering together.

Cash or Cheque


Credit/Debit Card


Preauthorized Giving



If I have a question or comment about our finances or ministries who do I speak to?

The leadership and staff want to hear from you at any time of the year! Please call (403-286-5300) or email the office ([email protected]) and we will direct you to the person who can answer your questions. If you would like to have a conversation regarding a specific area, consider these options:

Finances: [email protected]

Elders: [email protected]

Missions: [email protected]

Ministries and Mission: [email protected]

Prayer Requests: [email protected]

Will we be hiring a Youth Pastor in 2021?

Currently, our Student Ministry programming is functioning very well and it is exciting to see the impact we have been able to have in the lives of young people during a time of many restrictions. In addition to Wednesday evening Kids Connect activities, our Children’s Pastor, Lisa Moran has done an excellent job of shifting her role to include coordinating our Friday evening youth programming.  This year, as restrictions continue to relax and we are able to return to a full Sunday morning Kids Connect program, we will plan (and have budgeted) to hire a Youth Pastor.


Where are we at with our future facility development?

Based on the age/stage of our current building and on our future ministry plans, we realize that we need to be preparing now for our future facility needs. We have partnered with the Trinity Centre Foundation to explore options for our land and building, however, during the past year, our development plans were on pause as we adjusted to the impact of COVID. Later in March this year, our Elders and our Development team will be meeting together to step back and re-consider our next steps during these uncertain days.